7 Visions 7 Truths

A Video Bible Study of:

The Book of Revelation

Now Everyone Can Understand The Book of Revelation

7 Visions 7 Truths is a video Bible study that will change your life. Within the book of Revelation God has recorded seven visions, each containing a message about this world that you need to know. 7 Visions 7 Truths shows how the seven messages combine to explain what is happening in this world every day and to reveal your purpose within God’s master plan. Pastor Scherbarth wrote 7 Visions 7 Truths to open the book of Revelation to everyone. Whether you are a Bible expert or a Bible novice, 7 Visions 7 Truths will make it possible for you to read the book Revelation and to understand what God is revealing in this important book. The seven truths of Revelation will change your life forever.

7 Visions 7 Truths will enable you to…

  • understand what God is teaching in the Book of Revelation.
  • understand "what" is happening in this world and "why" it is happening.
  • be equipped to live everyday with hope and confidence.

The Author

Video Bible Study of The Book of Revelation

David Scherbarth has been a pastor in Lutheran congregations for 40 years. He graduated from Northwestern College in Watertown, WI with a bachelor of arts degree in 1970. He graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, WI in 1974 with a Master of Divinity degree.

In the years that followed, Pastor Scherbarth deepened his Bible knowledge by studying and teaching God’s word in congregations large and small from New England to the Midwest. 7 Visions 7 Truths is the product of his extensive study and teaching experience.

Video Details and Benefits

  • a "Bible study of Revelation", ideal for small groups or individual study
  • 8 DVD's containing 13 individual lessons
  • Each lesson contains approximately 50 minutes of video presentation
  • Lessons are segmented for discussion questions
  • Student and Leader Manual PDF's on 9th disk with full printing rights
  • final answers following each segment for discussion questions

Each Session Contains:

  • a dramatic movie of each chapter of the Revelation
  • an explanation of each segment of the Revelation
  • discussion questions following each segment
  • answers following each segment for discussion questions

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For questions or concerns, feel free to email me at and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

— Rev. David Scherbarth

Bible Study of The Book of Revelation